License Navigator

Maintain your current or desired Oracle infrastructure online. By telling License Navigator how you use Oracle software, it shows you the license- and cost implications. You can add your license portfolio to understand your compliance status. License Navigator visualizes the impact for each product license, each server and your entire organization. But there’s more: our automated triggers pinpoint you towards cost saving opportunities as well as negotiation strategies. Both Black and White areas are explained, as well as the many grey areas of Oracle’s policies that may apply to you.

Easy Entry
With the Easy Entry option in our web interface, you can specify your hard- and software environments online. For larger environments and offline work, use the License Navigator spreadsheet for semi-automated xls upload.

Better Insight
With easy charts we’ll tell you where which licensed software is in use and what it costs. With your license overview in mind, our triggers show you if and why we think you can improve your configuration, to save license- and support costs.

Smart Decisions
Are you considering changing hardware configurations or even a company wide consolidation? Add your potential scenario as well, and get insight into licensing consequences and costs. License Navigator lets you maintain unlimited environments.